What is Healthy?

Let’s talk Healthy Lifestyle.  The word “healthy” means vastly different things to each person.  For some, a healthy lifestyle is getting up at 5 a.m. and running, or doing yoga, or joining a gym, etc. before getting on with a day of activity.

For others a healthy lifestyle is being able to get out of bed at 7 a.m. and walk to the kitchen to prepare the first cup of coffee for the day and struggle to shower and do minor things around the house.

So, when we read the myriad articles about how to be healthy, they must be run through a filter of what is possible for us.

My definition of healthy is to each day seek one thing to do that you didn’t do yesterday in the areas of:  mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sharing.  Don’t go overboard and expect to change your life in a day, week, month.  Expect to be a little healthier in at least one of these areas each and every day.  Force yourself to do just one new thing.

Maybe you can try to walk to the mailbox today.  If you only make it to the driveway and that’s more than you did yesterday, then it was successful.  Maybe you don’t eat that second serving of a favorite food.  Maybe you listen to soothing music.  Maybe you pray first thing in the morning.  Maybe you force a smile at someone you have never liked.  Maybe you write an encouraging  note to someone who is hurting emotionally or physically.

Just do one of these things every day.  Choose a different goal today.  Don’t worry about tomorrow’s goal.  Just do today’s.