Technology Togetherness

Last Thursday Billy and I eagerly sat before the computer screen (which is a miracle for him to do) waiting for the “live streaming” of our grandson’s, Brandon, graduation from 5th grade.  It was our first experience “live streaming” of a special event for one of our grandchildren.  Oh, we’ve seen videos sent after the event for our granddaughter, Jenna, performing in a school play.  But this was the first time we were tied to a specific time to sit and wait for the program to start.  Of course we were in our seats early.  We’re always early to everything we do.  Billy hates being late and considers lateness as inconsiderate.  So we waited.  Even after the program started, we waited.  Seems that this 5th grade class was the largest ever at Brandon’s elementary school…about 7 classes.  He was in the last class.

The excitement of seeing him walk across the stage to receive his first graduation certificate made us very proud of him and for the other accomplishments he will make in his life.  After the last child walked across the stage and the “streaming ended”, we felt a little let down.  There was no way to hug our grandson and see his beautiful smiling face thank us for being there.  Because we weren’t there.  These events have grown so large that parents are given a limited amount of “tickets” to get in to the event.  In this case there were two.  Hmmm, two tickets, two parents.  We could have driven to see him in person, but there was standing room only in the back of the auditorium.  I can’t imagine, even as healthy as we are, that we could have stood for the hour and a half minimum we would have had to stand that night.  Walking is easy, standing is not!

I shouldn’t whine.  Our grandson, Jack, graduated from 8th grade Thursday night too.  He is in California.  No way we could drive there.  No streaming.  Being retired, we have the time to go to events and don’t have to worry about getting up for work the next morning, which is wonderful.  But having grandchildren across the country and even in South Carolina, makes it difficult to be present for all the little occasions that you want to see.

Have you heard of the sin of coveting?  Well, I’m sometimes guilty of that, like last Thursday.  But I read today it is only one of the 8 sins Christians are beginning to ignore.  The little sins.  The ones we think are okay.  After all, we’re not stealing, cheating, murdering.  But we are diminishing the gifts God has given us when we “complain” about what we don’t have compared to what friends have. I  am so blessed to be alive at 73, to be basically healthy, to have a loving husband, 3 wonderful sons and their spouses, 7 beautiful, talented and loving grandchildren (thank you children), a beautiful, safe place to live and many friends.  Most of all a loving God who is always there.  Has always been there, even when I ignored Him.

God, thank you for technology that allows us to be present with our family even when they can’t see us.  Kind of like you being present with us even though we can’t see you.

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  1. Anita Scott

    I am guilty of the sin of coveting too. For humans, it’s a common sin especially in today’s world of instant gratification! I’m grateful that God loves and forgives us despite our shortcomings!

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