Reading and Writing-Forget Arithmetic


I remember summer days spent, as a pre-teen and young teenager, walking to the local library in East Atlanta or walking home from that bastion of knowledge, my arms piled high with books.

It didn’t matter that the temperature might reach 80 or 85 degree, or that the big white dog on the corner of our street would always run out to the edge of his yard and bark threateningly at me, terrifying me into a run past his house, or that I would have to rush through my chores for the day.  I was in heaven, looking forward to several hours lost in the stories uncovered in the pages of each book.

The stories were the vehicle by which I was gifted with “words”.  I would find a particular description of one word or several words strung together that would make me smile.  I loved the way each word sounded or made me feel and I would re-read the word or the phrase over and over again, which meant that I took much longer to read a book than the average person.  Getting to the end destination was not my goal.  Enjoying the journey with the words was my treasure and delight.

As an adult, I still enjoy the phraseology and sentence structure when I read.  I even dedicated a whole Toastmasters presentation once to the topic of “words” and how I loved them.  By the way, I revealed in that speech that “cozy” was my favorite word.  It conjures up many feelings of contentment, happiness, balance and joy; and can even be contorted into the basis for business reports and goals.  When everything is clicking along with your job as it should be ideally, everything is cozy.  Okay, that’s a stretch for some of you.

The point of all of this is to say:  reading and loving words is the reason I love to write!