Future Projects for 2018

First Project–Republishing “Rescuing Jenny”


One of the most rewarding things for an author is for their story to come alive under a new set of eyes.

Betty Smith (friend, teacher, mother, grandmother, supporter and Christian woman extraordinaire) did that with her suggestions for Rescuing Jenny.  Betty’s life experiences and world travels gave her a vision for how the book could be used by teachers, parents and hurting adults to analyze child abuse and define what that phrase means.  And then to decide what they should do about it, if they ever saw it.

The story will remain the same with an Epilogue added and a section at the end encouraging a review of the book through answering questions individually or in a book club meeting about child abuse.  There is also an acknowledgement of the work of the Past Executive Director of Hall-Forsyth Counties CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) in Georgia. 

Second Project–Writing a sequel to All the Way with a working title, “Peggy’s Story”.

So many readers of All the Way wanted more about Peggy, even though she was not the main character in the story.  Peggy tells us details about what happened to her during her absences in the first book and gives the reader a chance to feel her pain and victory as she develops into a special woman.

Two other projects are being researched now, working with characters from the books.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you will invite these stories into your life in the new year.