As a 73-year-old, the word balance is important in so many ways.

Sensitive to the physical balance we need to maintain to keep from falling and breaking bones, which will change our lives forever.  But also balance in how we choose to spend our days.

It is an important element for everyone, but when you reach a certain age it is the force that defines how you live and whether you are happy or just going through the motions of life.  Being retired offers you so many choices that some of us don’t know where to start with planning our day/week/month goals.  And goals are important.  However, at our age, it’s okay to disregard those goals some times.  After all, life is about living to the fullest, not being tied to a schedule of “to dos”.

As I talked about in an earlier post, being healthy can involve doing one new thing every day.  Well, last week I decided that my new “one thing” for Wednesday was to work on physical balance and participate in a “free” yoga class.  Good choice: active, cost-effective, close-by at our clubhouse.  Perfect.  What was I thinking?  I have never taken a yoga class in my life.  Now, I’ve worked out in a gym, participated in Jazzercise, taken a dance class and I walk regularly.  Always have done something active.

Oh my!!!!  My body has places and joints, muscles and pains I never knew existed. My yoga pants were not really yoga pants, but were leotards.  They rolled down my waist, bunched around my stomach, squeezed my bladder and crushed my thighs, calves and “other” places. I missed half the movements (is that what they call them?) and grunted and sighed in a room that was supposed to be quiet and calm. But the instructor didn’t ask me to leave.

Afterwards, I was forgiven for my noisy start, congratulated for coming, and encouraged to come back. On the way home, I thought, “Okay, I made it through that hour.  I’ll be okay.”  The next morning’s walk was a tortuous step, “ouch”, step, “ooooh”, step, “oh no!”  You get the point.  But as the day wore on, it got easier to walk and bend and sit.

Glutton for punishment, I am going back this Wednesday.  Hopefully, they will let me in the door.  And I now have a pair of appropriate yoga pants!

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