Back Porch Sittin’

My favorite place in the early morning to drink my first cup of coffee (Bulletproof)  is on the front porch, watching the sun come up.  But my favorite place to drink my 2nd cup of coffee is on our back porch, reading the morning paper and spending my devotional time with God in his beauty, among the birds, flowers and towering trees.

Sometimes an article in our local newspaper interferes with my tranquility.  Just like this morning… there was a lengthy article on financial planning for retirement and how most of your money would go to healthcare.  While I know this is one important fact you must consider before retiring, I’m not in favor of scare tactics encouraging people to make decisions that aren’t best for them now or in the future.

I like an article written by an investment advisor, who has worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of retirees.  He says that many of his customers are now hoarding their retirement money–not enjoying their retirement years–for fear of running out of money before they die.

He supports the idea that you have to be conscientious about how you spend, but if you’ve reached retirement age and you’ve worked hard and saved for these years, you should enjoy the fruits of that labor and you may not live as long as the “death” statistics claim.  In fact, there was another article recently that quoted US mortality tables showing a decrease in life expectancy in the future due to an increase in diseases.  We are not guaranteed any certain number of years.  So, he advises to take some of that hard-earned money and have a little fun, travel, or gift it to a charity or your family now, so that you can see their gratitude and joy, instead of leaving it to them to spend after you’re gone.

The biggest challenge for folks that I see in retirement is finding fulfillment and not being bored.  That’s for next time!

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