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Author Life!

Finally!  I’m here!

I’m spending my time researching and writing books.  I’ve written since I was age 11.  But spending time getting an education, earning a living, raising kids, helping with grandchildren and then parents, I haven’t had full time to devote to my passion–writing.

Oh, I’ve always written down story lines, plots, scenes I find interesting, thoughts on various topics.  I finally have time to pull those ideas into stories.

I started with my first published book All the Way which was published in February of this year.  In March, I published my second book, Rescuing Jenny, one I had written many years ago, but never tried to publish.

I want to share my journey from here forward with you.  I’m working on two projects now that I’m very excited about.  I hope to have my next book ready for publishing in spring of 2018.

1st Book:  All the Way:  God and family were constants in Kathryn’s life.  The Great Depression affected everyone and the way they lived.  Kathryn became acutely aware of being an outsider and being judged as she entered her teenage years.  She realized that Christians don’t always act Christ-like.  Even though she keeps her faith and her love of music, she becomes skeptical of others’ motives and carries a hidden shame most of her life until she realizes her value as a person.

2nd Book:  Rescuing Jenny:  Donna Whitsfield is looking for fulfillment in a life that seems barren.  She finds hope in the form of a little girl who she believes God has brought into her life.  God’s plan for each of them leads them through heartache and triumphs in ways neither could imagine.  Donna finds that waiting on the Lord is harder than anything she has ever done.  But the reward is far greater than imagined.

Both books are available on Amazon.com (books, Loraine Haynie All the Way OR books, Loraine Haynie Rescuing Jenny)